Web 2.0 Comes to NIE

Our affordable, interactive website content makes it easy for your teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms while also providing some terrific activities that enable students to interact with the news. The features are updated daily and weekly, bringing teachers back repeatedly. All activities direct readers into your newspaper, either in print, e-edition or even to your newspaper's website. If you have a website, just add this link. If you don't have an NIE website, now you can!


Here are the modules. Each has learning activities that can be assigned to students to do as a group or independently. They're great for use in class or as homework.


Lesson Plans A La Mode
This page offers lessons timed to this week's calendar in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.
Newsie K-3
News videos, polling, and a writing activity for young readers in kindergarten through third grade. Updated weekly.
Apple Slice: One Serving of Learning
Students can complete the news Activity Sheet and hand it in. These also make great homework assignments. Updated weekly.
Write the News
This is a weekly in-depth writing assignment with comprehensive instructions.
From the Core
Students read the selection. Then they can take the interactive self-assessment quiz at the end. A great SmartBoard lesson.
Video News Views
Students view timely news video clips, react in writing, and vote in the poll. Updated weekly.
Word of the Day
Here students will learn a new word and find it in the news. Great for building SAT vocabulary!
Quote of the Day
Students can read the quote and see how it relates to real life. Terrific inspirational writing assignment or journal prompt.
Comparing News Stories
Here's a brief story from today's news along with a writing assignment. Updated daily.
Around the Globe
This daily feature enables students to read and/or hear a news story and to see where on the globe it is happening. It's a fascinating tool, a great writing assignment and totally cool.
Page One Prime
A look at the background of a story in the news. There are links for students to read more, along with learning activities.

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