Hot Topics Hot Serials offers everything you can imagine to help teachers and students use your newspaper. Now there's something you may not have imagined - an online course, a "virtual" teacher workshop designed to teach educators how to use YOUR newspaper. Newspapers of all sizes can offer an online course to teachers. You don't need a website or an e-edition to be part of this digital experience. Teachers take the one-hour course at their leisure at any computer with Internet access. They'll receive a certificate of completion. Teachers may be eligible to receive continuing education credit.


We also have an online interactive NIE experience for students. It's perfect for classrooms where students may have independent access to computers and can also be used in computer labs.


under 10,000.....$350 10,000 - 50,000.....$500 50,000 - 200,000.....$750 over 200,000.....$1,000

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General NIE Workshop For E-Editions and Print Editions

This course is designed to familiarize teachers of all grades with how to use your newspaper across the curriculum in language arts, math, science and social studies. View a course sample.

Diversity Workshop

Includes your choice of Black History, Women's History or diversity tab that will be downloadable from your course. You will also receive a CD of the tab.
This course covers general NIE techniques with a specific focus on Black History, Women's History and diversity. It's perfect for spring semester. View a course sample.

E-Edition Course for Students

This course for elementary and middle school students provides them with step-by-step strategies for using the E-edition. It also takes them through a variety of NIE lessons that teach or reinforce basic skills. A certificate of completion is generated at the end. View a course sample.

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