Hot Topics now offers our “Tab of the Month Club.” Join for a year and select 12 of any of our 100+ tabs. Post the PDF files online to provide your teachers with a different top-quality section each month. Imagine fresh programming every month from Black History Month to Fitness Month to American Indian Heritage Month and every month in between. Choose sections on Character Education, Global Warming or Literacy. Offer thematic units on Diversity and Safety. We’ve got it all and now you can, too.

Or choose any 6 tabs at an even lower price. Click here to see our variety of tabloid sections.

Files are not for print publication, Of course, if you need to print a tab, you can purchase the license for that separately.

PRICING BY CIRCULATION FOR 12 TABS (one-year license, not for print)

0 - 50,000.....$1000 50,000 - 200,000.....$1500 over 200,000.....$2000

PRICING BY CIRCULATION FOR 6 TABS (one-year license, not for print)

0 - 50,000.....$600 50,000 - 200,000.....$900 over 200,000.....$1200

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